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The Research Centre for Far Eastern Studies of the Paris-Sorbonne University (CREOPS) was created in 1990 following the foundation of a Chair in Far Eastern Archaeology and Art History. Under the aegis of the research centre come essentially the arts of East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam) and South Asia (India, Pakistan, the Himalayan countries, Sri Lanka, South-East Asia). The members of the centre have studied some languages of the countries covered and work principally on aspects of art and archaeology of the Far East from a historical perspective, and in some case on modern aspects. The CREOPS has built partnerships with universities and museums in Asia as well as the West, in association with researchers working in the same fields. As a university-based centre, its vocation is principally teaching and research. The Paris-Sorbonne University offers an introduction to Asian arts from degree level which continues at Masters level with specific programmes. The researchers and teachers from the CREOPS also take part regularly in conferences and exhibitions.

The centre provides a framework for Ph.D students who already have a background in oriental languages. The CREOPS and the Ph.D programme support their fieldwork and they may also apply for travel grants.

This site aims to showcase research projects and will put online information on masters and theses in History of Art and Archaeology, completed or in progress (around 400 entries). These works are mostly available on request in the CREOPS research centre. This will allow you to discover members of the centre, professors, researchers, etc who are working on themes which are of interest to you.

The site will also post activities of the CREOPS, its publications and conferences which have taken place or will take place, as well as research seminars at Paris 4 Sorbonne on the Far East. Finally the events page will select cultural happenings concerning Asia and the links page will take you to other sites which have been chosen for their special interest.